Ant-Man and the Wasp: Sluggish Reaction (Spoilers)

I saw the movie today – I hate doing reviews because other people do them so much better so I’m going to give a quick opinion then just geek out about things I liked

In short I loved the film. It was nice to have a smaller, more personal film after the intensity of Infinity War. The action and comedy were up to the usual Marvel par, though some gags started to feel a bit repetitive. I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as the first but I can’t put my finger on why other than it’s a sequel and it’s hard to keep up that magic. I liked Ghost as a villain and all the personal stakes for each character.

Okay enough of that…I loved:

Making you feel sorry for ants by giving them names. Antonio Banderas!!

The shrinking and growing car stuff was cool.

Janet’s reveal was well done, though she looked epic as a villain and I was excited to see that fight.

I liked that they helped Ghost and continue to do so. What she did was bad but Hank is partially responsible

Having said that I didn’t like her back story – it was too similar to Iron Man 2. I’d have been fine as long as her dad wasn’t a traitor.

Wasp’s fight at the begining was amazing!

I’m glad they tied it in to Infinity War in the post-credits scenes.

I’m looking forward to Ant-Man and the Wasp and the Ghost!!

Thanks for reading, I know I’ve forgotten a cool moment, drop me a comment and let me know what it was.


The 100: Clans and Factions part 1

I’ve always been fascinated by the various clans and groups introduced in the 100. With Praimfaya wiping the slate clean and a new faction arriving I thought it would be a good time to look back on all the clans, starting with the most obvious: Skaikru

If, like me, you enjoy listening to Trigedasleng the Grounder language – I got the translations I used for the video from an online dictionary

I hope to get my next video out for next week – thanks for watching!


What’s Canon: Star Wars Uprising

Join me as I take a look at the Species, Planets and Stormtrooper variants that have been added to Canon (from new and Legends material) in the mobile game Star Wars: Uprising

You can read my other posts about thisĀ  game in the links below

I forgot to mention the Legends version of the Purge Trooper – thankfully Star Wars Explained already covered it in a video, which I’ve linked to below

Symbols (3)

This will probably be the last one of these posts as they do more to expose my ignorance than share any knowledge.

Anyway, these symbols were made by Clay Cazmarec in the Animus chamber – some are just coded messages but others are historic symbols and I thought I’d find what I can and post about it.

The Eye of Providence

The eye within a pyramid has long been a symbol of God’s all-seeing eye on the world. It is famous for its appearance on US currency and the conspiracy theories claiming it represents Masonic control of the government.

The symbol likely represents Abstergo’s goal to control the world through the Abstergo-Eye satellites.


Though the symbol has it’s origins in Greek and Roman mythology in modern culture it is linked with evil and satanism.

The symbol like represents Abstergo’s evil intentions

Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines are an astonishing feat of ancient design. Depicting animals, these massive designs are only visible from the air – a view their creators would have never had.

The symbols likely point to the location of a Piece of Eden in Peru, where the lines are located.


Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet and is significant because of Christ’s statement “I am the Alpha and Omega”

The symbol is likely a reference to Abstergo’s attempts to attain godlike power

Eye of Horus

Also known as the wedjat, the Eye is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity in Egyptian culture

It’s likely the symbol is a reference to Eye-Abstergo

The following two are mathematical symbols I won’t even pretend to have knowledge of. You are welcome to Google them in your own time

Borromean Rings

Lorenz attractor

Sluggish Reaction: 10 Cloverfield Lane

I was thrilled that Netflix FINALLY added this film, especially as the third film is Netflix exclusive. Anyway here’s some thoughts and stuff…


In case you hadn’t seen it yet either here’s the basics. After a car accident A young woman named Michelle wakes in a bunker owned by a man says the world outside isn’t safe after a bomb detonated, but things aren’t exactly safe inside the bunker either…


I don’t do horror – if this film didn’t have Cloverfield in the title I wouldn’t have considered watching it but I’m really glad I did. It was so well crafted – first keeping you guessing whether the event is real, then shoving proof in your face while still leaving you unsure because you know you just can’t trust Howard, masterfully played by John Goodman.

The main character Michelle impressed me the most with her character arc. From the opening scene we know she can design clothes so it makes sense that she could realistically make her own survival suit. Her progression was really well done too – she starts the film running away from her problems, she makes a choice, running towards her problems instead.


I just loved how bonkers the ending section was. After discovering Howard is a murderer and likely worse she escapes from the bunker only to be ambushed by a flying spaceship…with teeth!!! I just loved how the reality was so much crazier than even the crazy person had imagined!!

How does it all fit?

The film keeps you guessing about this two and apart from some links in the ARG marketing (such as Howard working for the satellite company featured in the first film’s ARG) it’s hard to tell if there even is a connection.

At first I thought this crazy lady had been bitten by one of the ticks from the monster but later the cause is shown as gas from the alien ship

My best guess is the “Flash” mentioned by Howard and Emmett is the MOAB bomb dropped on the monster in the first film. But that was pretty far away so I don’t know if it holds up.

I’d like a connection to be revealed someday (maybe I should watch The Cloverfield Paradox) but for now I’m enjoying the mystery and would highly recommend this film