Star Wars: Upcoming fiction

With the recent release of ‘A New Dawn’ – the first in the new line of Star Wars novels (see the IGN review HERE) I thought it would be worth posting about some of the other announced fiction for the new Canon


The first offering is another novel, ad yet untitled featuring fan favourite characters Quinlan Voss and Asajj Ventress. Both Ventress and Vos migrated from comics to the screen with Ventress becoming a key character in The Clone Wars and Voss also getting a mention in Episode III.

It will be interesting to see what they do with these characters, particularly Voss in this novel, which is based on an unaired Clone Wars script, similar to the Dark Horse comic Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir

You can read my, somewhat embittered, review of the other novels in my old blog HERE


Marvel have posted their initial run of comics once they take over the licence from Dark Horse in 2015

Star Wars


While I’m tempted to argue tat this is a rip-off of the Dark Horse title of the same name I’m sure Marvel would argue, and justly so, that they are revamping their original series where Star Wars comics began

The series is set after the events of A New Hope, featuring the main trilogy cast. While I’m still not convinced of what they will do, sticking John Cassaday on art won’t get any complaints from me!!

Star Wars: Darth Vader


Again, covering familiar territory, with Dark Horse having published several Vader series over recent years. However the opportunity to look at things fresh might be a good thing for the Dark Lord

The series is also set between the first two films, with an emphasis on Vader finding out about his son.

Star Wars: Princess Leia


This comic will be a miniseries rather than ongoing like the other two. The opportunity to focus on Leia and give her her own book sounds like a good idea to me.

And that’s it so far. Marvel have announced they will be reprinting dome of their original stories as well as some collections of Dark Horse Comics. I’ll be keen to see if they will eventually extend to storytelling in diverse timelines once the movies are released.

I’ll post any news when I get it.


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