Mass Effect: New Concept Art

Bioware have released some new concept art from their upcoming Mass Effect title and they look pretty spectacular. The shots emphasise their focus on exploration in the new – something that had gradually decreased as the trilogy went on.


This shot kinda reminds me of the awesome moon base mission in the first game – if nothing else Mass Effect do a good sky!! This shot highlights the return of the Mako vehicle


Is this the new map system?


This is very reminiscent of the citadel, though in my version of the game it was destroyed. Have they rebuilt it?


This architecture is unfamiliar, perhaps a new race?


This looks dramatic, a dangerous alien planet with weird tech, can’t wait to set foot on this one!


Woah!! Can’t tell if it’s a ship or a station or who knows is there more to fear than the Reapers, guess there has to be a new villain- is this our first glimpse


Another Mako shot, this terrain is very reminiscent of ME1

Very exciting!! The team confirmed there will be new planets and new alien species in the next game and that it will be centred around a new character who I’ll not be a hero from the start like Shepard, but will follow a longer path to ‘become legend’

Big shout to the mass effect wiki for the news


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