The Force Awakens trailer: response

I’m going to post up my response, given a few days to recover, to the trailer, if you want in depth analysis of the trailer look at IGN’s rewind theatre HERE.


I was quite taken aback by this first scene – it seems like this stormtrooper is a character we’re sympathetic too, it doesn’t seem to be a villain’s scene to me. Obviously a return to Tatooine here, where the bulk of this teaser’s action seems to take place.


Absolutely the star of the show here!! So it looks like Artoo fell in love with a football , got married and erm…


I like the new design stormtroopers, I thought one if the few failings of the Legacy comic series was not updating the design of the stormies. Again we seem to be seeing things from their perspective – I’d almost say they’re possibly heroes apart from the end scene.


I like this speeder, a return to the clunky, functional craft if the original trilogy here. Obviously a new character riding it.


Our first shot of the new X-Wings we got a peak of earlier in the year. A glimpse of another planet too. I noticed the pilots still have Rebel insignia on – is the New Republic not established in the new continuity? We certainly get the picture that the Empire is still very active.


What must surely be a new Sith character here, with a cross handle lightsaber that I’m still not 100% sure what to make of yet, but its always cool to see a new style ‘saber in use. Possibly the narrator – so both sides of the force are awakening, what this means we’ll just have to wait a year I guess.


Great to see the Falcon again, here’s our evidence that the Empire are still the baddies, with two TIEs hot on their tail.

Still not enough to work out a plot from, but still so cool to see some live action footage at last

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