Doctor Who: New series, new species part 50

Wow, have I really done 50 of these?!

Lunar Bacteria


Not an official name, but slightly cooler than ‘spider germs’ I think. I liked the concept in this episode and these creatures provided a credible threat as the team battled to uncover the larger mystery

These creatures lived under the surface of the moon, feasting on the organism beneath it, while harmless to the creature they attacked human visitors to deadly effect.

Moon Creature


Again the concept of the moon being an egg was pretty cool and carried off quite well. My only query would be how a newly born creature could immediately lay an egg bigger than itself in the exact place it left it, but anyway…

It was discovered in the late 21st century that the moon as in fact an egg. The effects of its hatching had deadly effects on the Earth’s weather and climate until it hatched d a new egg took its place as the creature flew off into space.

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