Destiny: Guardians


This is my Guardian, Vanar Tohl – sporting the Code Fire chest armour given to him by Ikora Rey when he arrived at the Tower. He was given new life by the Traveler and soon encountered the Fallen, who tried to take it away again. Now in the safety of the Tower he is training to be a Warlock, studying the power of the Traveller so he can drive back the Darkness, knowing that only then will he again know peace.



Guardians are the defenders of Earth, resurrected from death by one of the Traveler’s Ghosts, they defend the last City and push out into the wilds of what was once the Golden Age of mankind. They serve as one if three classes, Hunters, Titans and Warlocks, each capable if harnessing great power against their enemies



While all Guardians can access some of the Traveller’s energies Warlocks dedicate themselves to studying the Traveller and harnessing his power in combat.



Artificial intelligences created by the Traveller, these beings are capable of great power. Besides resurrecting the dead and calling them to be Guardians, Ghosts can craft armour and other items from materials around them and interact with technology, even tech that has been defunct for centuries. Each Ghost chooses a Guardian and serves them alone, guiding and protecting them.



Awoken are descended from Humans who, instead of returning to Earth, fled deeper into space when the Darkness came. Forever altered by their experience Awoken have skins of various colours ranging from pale blues and greys to the vibrant purple of my guardian. Many Awoken still live off world, ruled by their Queen and treating Earth-born Awoken as strangers.


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