Agents of SHIELD: Characters (5)

Akela Amador


Akela Amador was a SHIELD operative who was captured when she disobeyed orders on a critical mission. After being detained in a prison for years she was released by the Centipede group, who implanted a device in her head to control her.

Under their command she completed a number of high profile thefts to fund access to a secure research facility. During this mission she was intercepted by SHIELD, who redirected the feed from here eye to a set of glasses so that Ward could go ahead while they removed the device.

Akela’s hope of finding out why she was being controlled was short lived when it turned out her handler had the same device implanted in his head, which detonated and killed him. She was put on trial for the crimes she had been forced to commit, though Coulson attended the hearing to testify on her behalf.

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