Star Wars: Shattered Empire and other news

The Star Wars news keeps coming thick and fast as I try and keep up.

On the Rogue One front, IGN had a report that some concept art had been shared with a select group and had some resemblance to Halo, what exactly wasn’t clear – hopefully we’ll get to see something soon.

Also, Alexandre Desplat has been announced as the composer for the film.

In publishing news, Marvel have given a title to one of their post-Jedi series. Shattered Empire


From the picture it looks like were right in the aftermath of Endor, with the Empire in disarray. The next events have been well established in the EU, but this is the time for a new chapter to take place and while my heart would love to see a certain red-eyed Grand Admiral return I know the series needs to become its own entity.

I’m excited to see how the new future of Star Wars plays out. It’s an exciting time to be a fan!!!

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