Agents of SHIELD: Characters (6)

Kwan Chen

A SHIELD agent based in Hong Kong, he was tasked as being thecase officer for Chan Ho Yin, a registered gifted. He was killed by Yin in a raid on a Centipede facility attempting to free him.

Miles Lydon


Miles Lydon is a leading member of the Rising Tide hacktivist group. When Skye became a member he taught her some of her advanced skills. At some point before joining SHIELD Skye and he became intimate. When offered a million dollars to crack a SHIELD database Miles leapt at the opportunity, unaware that he was working for Centipede. Miles used his skills to aid the team in cracking building security on the raid against Centipede. Miles was given a SHIELD tracking bracelet as an alternative to jail.

Chan Ho Yin / Scorch


Chan Ho Yin was a street magician who, for reasons unknown, developed a natural pyrokinetic ability. He was placed on SHIELD’s index and assigned a case officer for his protection who instructed him not to use his abilities in public. He was abducted by Centipede, who convinced him to take on the name Scorch and use his powers to become greater. Centipede experimented on him to use his natural immunity to fire to stabilise the extremis element of their serum. When SHIELD attempted to rescue him he broke free and attacked both sides, he was killed when Agent May injected him with the serum, causing his ability to overload.

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