Star Wars: Battlefront


Another big piece of news was Battlefront, for which we got a trailer and a heap of info – you can watch the trailer HERE

The game allows you to play missions in the classic trilogy era, with Hoth and Endor taking a big part in the trailer. The game, which looks gorgeous, allows you to take control of soldiers, vehicles and fanys characters in these scenes.

The game has no campaign to speak if, which I found a little disappointing having grown up in the great original stories of the dark forces/Jedi knight series games and others, but rather gives you missions in both sides of the conflict in these scenarios.

The Canon of these missions are a little dubious, it seems the broad strokes if the story are ‘fact, but the way you play probably isn’t.

The game also adds two new locations, Sullust, which is interpreted as a volcanic planet home to the Empire’s military factories and (to be released as free DLC) Jakku, the desert planet shown in the trailer – I’m hoping to play the scene where they crashed that Star Destroyer!!

The game is released on November 17th

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