Halo Nightfall: Characters (1)

I recently got my hands on the Master Chief Collection and this cool series that comes with it. After an attack on a colony world involving an element lethal only to humans a team of soldiers are forced to voyage to a fragment of Alpha Halo – a team including the following ONI personnel.

Jameson Locke


Agent Locke is a key operative for ONI. Born on the colony world of Jericho VII, he narrowly escaped it’s destruction by the Covenant and lost his parents to the war. He worked for ONI in the time of truce, gathering intelligence on Covenant activity that could be considered a threat. Lead to the world of Sedra his team uncovered an arms deal but were too late to stop the device which targeted only humans on a mixed race world. He traced the element to a fragment of Alpha Halo. During the mission he remained focused on the task of eliminating the threat where the rest of his team panicked and thought of survival. After completing the mission he was one of only two survivors to escape the ring fragment.

Obviously with Halo 5 coming out we are going to see a lot more of Locke. With him being portrayed as a true and trustworthy soldier it will be interesting to see what has him pitted against Master Chief as depicted in the trailers.

Michael Horrigan


A part of the ONI team dispatched to Sedra, Horrigan repeatedly showed distain for the local forces, seeing his team as superior. He continued in this vein when his team became stranded during their mission, sacrificing other to escape a threat and showing discord among his team so he could abandon the mission and escape. In the end he was overrun and killed before he could get off the Halo.

Achievement Hunting (1)

These posts will cover achievements I have unlocked (relatively) recently when playing games. These posts are intended more as a video game diary for me than as a guide to completing them, of which there are plenty available online – I will, however share anything I did find helpful in getting these achievements and hope it helps you.

Game: Assassin’s Creed III

After completing Sequence 6 I’ve been doing ‘frontier stuff’ for a while, exploring the frontier, completing assassinations and hunting missions as well as the other assorted tasks to be done. I must admit I’ve found this a bit more tedious than in previous games, though there has been opportunity for a lot of fun in doing so.

Eye Witness
Witness a predator killing an enemy

I got this by chance, I was completing a hunter mission where I had to chase down a bobcat. I failed the mission for what felt like the hundredth time so I continued chasing the bobcat to kill it out of spite. As I followed it I ran into another bobcat which pounced on a soldier patrolling the woods and got the achievment. I think there are a few other spots where you can trigger this achievment too.

  Spit Roast

Perform a double assasination using a musket

I honestly haven’t the faintest how I got this one. I was in the middle of taking Fort Monmouth and as usual my efforts at doing so stealthily failed and I had the whole base ounce on me. Somewhere in the middle of the fight I got this achievment. I don’t even remember seeing it happen so I must have mashed the right combination of buttons somehow while holding a musket to get his one.

I found the whole experience of taking a fort quite depressing, all that effort to be rewarded by the appalling sight of my character’s ‘victory’: taking down the beautiful Union Flag and replacing it with some starts and stripes – I still shudder to think of it…

  In Good Standing

Complete all the challenges for any of the clubs

I chose to go for the hunting society for this one as I’d gotten quite a few of the challenges already from doing hunting missions and generally prowling the frontier. Most were fairly straightforward, just a bit time-consuming. My thanks go to TheInfamousDrQ for his YouTube videos which helped me complete my hunting map to get the last challenge.

Agents of SHIELD: Technology (7)

The Overkill Device


A weapon of mass destruction designed by seperatists in South Ossetia, the overkill device used specialised sonic vibrations to trigger weapons remotely – allowing the to deactivate the weapons of another nation or target an enemy using another country’s arsenal. The massive structure amplified a small device that could be removed and fired by hand. The design was appropriated by SHIELD and was used in the battle for the Hub. Leo Fitz later modified the design to overload the abilities of the Absorbing Man, allowing SHIELD to detain him.

MAG Pouch


A SHIELD device used for infiltration, effectively a two man sleeping bag the ouch is equipped with a powerful magnet, allowing those inside to attach to the underside of a vehicle to infiltrate enemy territory. To facilitate this it also features active camouflage, mimicking the terrain around it.

Magic Window


Another SHIELD device, so named by Simmonds, which uses S-band technology to allow the user to see through a wall to gauge the terrain and identify how many enemies are in a room before entering.

Fitz and Ward aso used a portable EMP and an extraction beacon shaped like a rock on their mission.

Destiny: The Queen’s Emmisary

Tied to the House of Wolves expansion Bungie have added some new bounties to Destiny, with players hunting down enemies of the Awoken Queen. I’m still far too lowly a player to take part in the event but I’ve taken some screenshots to prove I was there.


Petra Venj is the Queen’s Emissary to the tower, giving guardians the opportunity to hunt down her enemies and earn rewards as well as good standing with the Queen. Guardians can claim exclusive emblems and armour shaders from her.


She is located in the upper level of the Tower, taking the stairs past the bounty tracker. It is pretty hard to miss her ship, which is resplendent in purple and gold and sports regal streamers which catch in the wind.

I don’t have any info on how long this event will last so best check it out soon!!

The trailer: Scene by scene (2)


Next up we have Luke reflecting on his family history. Vader seems to be a strong theme in this trailer. I’m wondering just who has this, did Luke hang on to it after the funeral or is it being revered in some First Order base?


While most of the attention has gone to Luke’s hand (my guess is the skin gets burned off in a fight) – I’m more interested in the volcanic background. With Vader a key presence in the other two clips my guess would be that Luke is on Mustafar, perhaps retracing his father’s path for some reason.


Lastly we have Leia, receiving Vader’s lightsaber from an unknown person, with what seems like a sense of reverie. Again the background interests me – us this our first glimpse at a Resistance base?

It seems that 30 years after his death Vader still has a big part to play in shaping the galaxy.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate


The next in the ever growing Assassin’s Creed series has been announced. Syndicate (previously rumoured to have the title Victory) is set in Victorian London and features twins Jacob and Evie Frye as the lead characters as well as a supporting cast including Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin

A trailer has been released as well but I’m having trouble linking to it – I’m sure it won’t be hard to find!!

The Clone Wars: Bad Batch and other unfinished episodes


As part of the ongoing ‘Clone Wars Legacy’ programme , Lucasfilm have released ‘Bad Batch’ – a four-episode arc of unfinished stories about a squad of Clones who’s cloning process went wrong, but their defects were turned into an advantage. The episodes (in story reel format like the ‘crystal crisis’ episodes previously released) were shown exclusively at Celebration but are now available on starwars.com – follow the link HERE

During Celebration some concept art was shown of other episodes that never made it to production, including an arc with a young Bob’s Fett on a mission with Cad Bane and encountering Sand People and their shamans, another arc involving Wookies riding sacred beasts in the wilds of their planet and, controversially an image of a Yuuzhan Vong scout and his ship.

You can view all the images with commentary on the presentation HERE