The Clone Wars: Bad Batch and other unfinished episodes


As part of the ongoing ‘Clone Wars Legacy’ programme , Lucasfilm have released ‘Bad Batch’ – a four-episode arc of unfinished stories about a squad of Clones who’s cloning process went wrong, but their defects were turned into an advantage. The episodes (in story reel format like the ‘crystal crisis’ episodes previously released) were shown exclusively at Celebration but are now available on – follow the link HERE

During Celebration some concept art was shown of other episodes that never made it to production, including an arc with a young Bob’s Fett on a mission with Cad Bane and encountering Sand People and their shamans, another arc involving Wookies riding sacred beasts in the wilds of their planet and, controversially an image of a Yuuzhan Vong scout and his ship.

You can view all the images with commentary on the presentation HERE


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