The trailer: Scene by scene (2)


Next up we have Luke reflecting on his family history. Vader seems to be a strong theme in this trailer. I’m wondering just who has this, did Luke hang on to it after the funeral or is it being revered in some First Order base?


While most of the attention has gone to Luke’s hand (my guess is the skin gets burned off in a fight) – I’m more interested in the volcanic background. With Vader a key presence in the other two clips my guess would be that Luke is on Mustafar, perhaps retracing his father’s path for some reason.


Lastly we have Leia, receiving Vader’s lightsaber from an unknown person, with what seems like a sense of reverie. Again the background interests me – us this our first glimpse at a Resistance base?

It seems that 30 years after his death Vader still has a big part to play in shaping the galaxy.

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