Destiny: The Queen’s Emmisary

Tied to the House of Wolves expansion Bungie have added some new bounties to Destiny, with players hunting down enemies of the Awoken Queen. I’m still far too lowly a player to take part in the event but I’ve taken some screenshots to prove I was there.


Petra Venj is the Queen’s Emissary to the tower, giving guardians the opportunity to hunt down her enemies and earn rewards as well as good standing with the Queen. Guardians can claim exclusive emblems and armour shaders from her.


She is located in the upper level of the Tower, taking the stairs past the bounty tracker. It is pretty hard to miss her ship, which is resplendent in purple and gold and sports regal streamers which catch in the wind.

I don’t have any info on how long this event will last so best check it out soon!!


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