Agents of SHIELD: Technology (7)

The Overkill Device


A weapon of mass destruction designed by seperatists in South Ossetia, the overkill device used specialised sonic vibrations to trigger weapons remotely – allowing the to deactivate the weapons of another nation or target an enemy using another country’s arsenal. The massive structure amplified a small device that could be removed and fired by hand. The design was appropriated by SHIELD and was used in the battle for the Hub. Leo Fitz later modified the design to overload the abilities of the Absorbing Man, allowing SHIELD to detain him.

MAG Pouch


A SHIELD device used for infiltration, effectively a two man sleeping bag the ouch is equipped with a powerful magnet, allowing those inside to attach to the underside of a vehicle to infiltrate enemy territory. To facilitate this it also features active camouflage, mimicking the terrain around it.

Magic Window


Another SHIELD device, so named by Simmonds, which uses S-band technology to allow the user to see through a wall to gauge the terrain and identify how many enemies are in a room before entering.

Fitz and Ward aso used a portable EMP and an extraction beacon shaped like a rock on their mission.


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