Achievement Hunting (1)

These posts will cover achievements I have unlocked (relatively) recently when playing games. These posts are intended more as a video game diary for me than as a guide to completing them, of which there are plenty available online – I will, however share anything I did find helpful in getting these achievements and hope it helps you.

Game: Assassin’s Creed III

After completing Sequence 6 I’ve been doing ‘frontier stuff’ for a while, exploring the frontier, completing assassinations and hunting missions as well as the other assorted tasks to be done. I must admit I’ve found this a bit more tedious than in previous games, though there has been opportunity for a lot of fun in doing so.

Eye Witness
Witness a predator killing an enemy

I got this by chance, I was completing a hunter mission where I had to chase down a bobcat. I failed the mission for what felt like the hundredth time so I continued chasing the bobcat to kill it out of spite. As I followed it I ran into another bobcat which pounced on a soldier patrolling the woods and got the achievment. I think there are a few other spots where you can trigger this achievment too.

  Spit Roast

Perform a double assasination using a musket

I honestly haven’t the faintest how I got this one. I was in the middle of taking Fort Monmouth and as usual my efforts at doing so stealthily failed and I had the whole base ounce on me. Somewhere in the middle of the fight I got this achievment. I don’t even remember seeing it happen so I must have mashed the right combination of buttons somehow while holding a musket to get his one.

I found the whole experience of taking a fort quite depressing, all that effort to be rewarded by the appalling sight of my character’s ‘victory’: taking down the beautiful Union Flag and replacing it with some starts and stripes – I still shudder to think of it…

  In Good Standing

Complete all the challenges for any of the clubs

I chose to go for the hunting society for this one as I’d gotten quite a few of the challenges already from doing hunting missions and generally prowling the frontier. Most were fairly straightforward, just a bit time-consuming. My thanks go to TheInfamousDrQ for his YouTube videos which helped me complete my hunting map to get the last challenge.


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