Halo Nightfall: Characters (1)

I recently got my hands on the Master Chief Collection and this cool series that comes with it. After an attack on a colony world involving an element lethal only to humans a team of soldiers are forced to voyage to a fragment of Alpha Halo – a team including the following ONI personnel.

Jameson Locke


Agent Locke is a key operative for ONI. Born on the colony world of Jericho VII, he narrowly escaped it’s destruction by the Covenant and lost his parents to the war. He worked for ONI in the time of truce, gathering intelligence on Covenant activity that could be considered a threat. Lead to the world of Sedra his team uncovered an arms deal but were too late to stop the device which targeted only humans on a mixed race world. He traced the element to a fragment of Alpha Halo. During the mission he remained focused on the task of eliminating the threat where the rest of his team panicked and thought of survival. After completing the mission he was one of only two survivors to escape the ring fragment.

Obviously with Halo 5 coming out we are going to see a lot more of Locke. With him being portrayed as a true and trustworthy soldier it will be interesting to see what has him pitted against Master Chief as depicted in the trailers.

Michael Horrigan


A part of the ONI team dispatched to Sedra, Horrigan repeatedly showed distain for the local forces, seeing his team as superior. He continued in this vein when his team became stranded during their mission, sacrificing other to escape a threat and showing discord among his team so he could abandon the mission and escape. In the end he was overrun and killed before he could get off the Halo.

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