Watch “Official Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Announcement Trailer | E3 2015” on YouTube

One of the most exciting announcements that came with the release of the Xbox One was the announcement of a Mirror’s Edge sequel and now we finally get a glimpse of the game itself in action.

The city looks more futuristic and beautiful than its predecessor but the gameplay seems to hold to the core principle if momentum over firepower with Faith using walls and moves to pass through enemies rather than stand and fight.

Still one of the most exciting new games out there!

Watch “STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire – “Sacrifice” Trailer” on YouTube

A new expansion for The Old Republic was announced at E3. This trailer showed the backdrop to a new story set years after the conclusion of the main game where a new faction, The Eternal Empire have decimated both Republic and Sith.

The expansion is available to subscribers only but at no additional cost. There’s a further option to create a new top-level character to jump straight into the action.

I reckon BioWare have taken their ‘Legends’ classification as a chance to write a completely new story without worrying about treating on previous continuity.

Watch “Star Wars: Uprising Announce Trailer” on YouTube

When I posted about Uprising I hadn’t seen the trailer so I thought it worth putting up here. I really like the idea of the Empire denying the death if the Emperor and the underground showing footage of the truth to inspire rebellion – looks to be a fun setting, hope the gameplay lives up to it!


Also I meant to upload a picture of my Guardian in my Destiny post so here it is. The arm and leg armour is Enigma Burn and the body armour is Vector Oath

Destiny: The Fallen

The Fallen


The fallen are a humanoid race with glowing eyes and four arms, they wear masks and armour and consume a substance known as Ether. While their clans represent traces of their fallen nobility these servants of the Darkness are little more than pirates spread across the stars. The Fallen occupy much of the Earth, including the land
once known as Russia



Dregs are the lowest caste in the Fallen hierarchy and notably have only two arms. This is due to them being docked as a sign of their lowly status, only regaining through honour in battle. Dregs make up the bulk of the Fallen, attacking in packs lead by a Vandal or



Vandals are higher ranking Fallen, possessing better weapons and armour than Dregs. Vandals lead the packs that prowl the wilds of



Shanks are automated drones used for combat by Fallen packs. Floating on hover engines they flush out enemies by rushing at them with their weapons.



These ships are used by the Fallen for interplanetary travel, to see a ship if this class close to the surface is a rare sight.

Star Wars: Uprising


Uprising is a new game for mobile devices set for release in the autumn of this year. It is set in the immediate aftermath of Return if the Jedi as imperial forces (including the Purge Troopers shown in the art above) try to quash the rumour that the Emperor is dead, while rebels and scoundrels firm a band to overthrow them.

Supreme Commander Skroke and other Star Wars Characters

Following on from the Vanity Fair article, which revealed a fair amount about the upcoming movie, added an interview with photographer Annie Leibowitz who took the photographs and revealed one more character – Supreme Leader Snoke


This image shows the master of mo-cap Andy Serkis in the role, obviously capturing for a CG enhanced part. With the title cone a few questions; with a title like that he must be in the First Order – dies this mean aliens have a more prominent role in the post-imperial army? Also, with Serkis confirming he did the voiceover for the first teaser does that then mean that this character is a force sensitive. Can’t wait to find out!!

Here are the other images, which came out a while back…


This is Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie, the epic looking trooper glimpsed in the new teaser. Beyond the name and actress confirm we don’t know much else as yet.


We also got to see Kylo Ren without his mask for the first time, as played by Adam Driver, escorted by two of the new Snow troopers.


Also we saw Lupita N’yongo getting all dotted up for her role as ‘pirate queen’ Maz Kanata, again no details on how she’ll look in the finished production yet.


And lastly we got a look at the motley crew of aliens in her ‘castle’ – nice to see the use of practical effects in use here.

Very exciting stuff!!