Destiny: The Fallen

The Fallen


The fallen are a humanoid race with glowing eyes and four arms, they wear masks and armour and consume a substance known as Ether. While their clans represent traces of their fallen nobility these servants of the Darkness are little more than pirates spread across the stars. The Fallen occupy much of the Earth, including the land
once known as Russia



Dregs are the lowest caste in the Fallen hierarchy and notably have only two arms. This is due to them being docked as a sign of their lowly status, only regaining through honour in battle. Dregs make up the bulk of the Fallen, attacking in packs lead by a Vandal or



Vandals are higher ranking Fallen, possessing better weapons and armour than Dregs. Vandals lead the packs that prowl the wilds of



Shanks are automated drones used for combat by Fallen packs. Floating on hover engines they flush out enemies by rushing at them with their weapons.



These ships are used by the Fallen for interplanetary travel, to see a ship if this class close to the surface is a rare sight.

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