Achievement Hunting (2)

Game: Kinect Star Wars

I’m not sure if I can take credit for any of these achievments as I was playing the game with family and friends and it was good to remember that despite it’s bugs the game is ridiculously good fun to play – especially in Rancor Rampage mode!!

  Witness the Power

Used all special attacks in 1 mode in Rancor Rampage, alone or with a friend.

There are a ridiculous amount of ways to kill and smash stuff as a Rancor from jumping on stuff to eating stormies that get in your way. Obviously someone managed to get them all in, probably while flailing randomly. I think charge mode is my favourite – not least for how ridiculous other people look when doing it!!

Angry World Traveller

Played any map at level 5 or higher in Rancor Rampage, alone or with a friend.

Easy to get with a party as you simply unlock by progressive play. I do like the variety of worlds and Rancors you can unlock – the Felucia level I particularly enjoyed with the little girl sending away her pet Rancor. I was dissapointed you couldn’t use the tail of the Naboo rancor to cause damage though…

The Trailer: Scene by scene (3)


After Luke’s monologue we get treated to this shot of Poe Dameron’s X-Wing squadron flying over water. Now that we know the group are named the Resistance we get the picture that the First Order have been victorious over the New Republic (we know the NR still exists from Aftermath)

The scene is very jubilant, suggesting that they have accomplished whatever goal we saw grim-faced Poe heading towards in the first teaser.

Agents of SHIELD: SHIELD Facilities (4)

The Hub


The Hub was one of SHIELD’s largest headquarters, though not on the scale of their primary facility the Triskelion. The Hub had a number of divisions and several key operations were led from the facility, which was under the command of Victoria Hand.
Numerous HYDRA agents were embedded in the base and seized control of the facility, but were in turn repelled by loyalist agents lead by Coulson and Hand.
Following the attempted coup the base was seized by the US Government in their efforts to control the situation.

Watch “Halo 5 Guardians Official Trailer [1080p]” on YouTube

Wow, loads to say about this one!

Firstly, Buck!!! Really good to see Nathan Fillion resume his role and as a Spartan no less. Coupled with Nightfall this gives the ‘bad’ team going after the chief two characters who we know are guys who do the right thing, making it worth playing as them

Secondly, Arbiter!!! Sorely missed in Halo 4 I was really chuffed to see him back and leading the fight against the false Covenant.

The gameplay looks epic with new Promethean foes and vehicles (does this mean Didact is still the primary foe?) to contend with as well as the massive Guardians themselves.

Another cool feature briefly glimpsed was lekgolo works assembling to make hunters, I imagine that could be great in game as hunters could potentially pop out of nowhere.

All in all this looks amazing!!!