Watch “Halo 5 Guardians Official Trailer [1080p]” on YouTube

Wow, loads to say about this one!

Firstly, Buck!!! Really good to see Nathan Fillion resume his role and as a Spartan no less. Coupled with Nightfall this gives the ‘bad’ team going after the chief two characters who we know are guys who do the right thing, making it worth playing as them

Secondly, Arbiter!!! Sorely missed in Halo 4 I was really chuffed to see him back and leading the fight against the false Covenant.

The gameplay looks epic with new Promethean foes and vehicles (does this mean Didact is still the primary foe?) to contend with as well as the massive Guardians themselves.

Another cool feature briefly glimpsed was lekgolo works assembling to make hunters, I imagine that could be great in game as hunters could potentially pop out of nowhere.

All in all this looks amazing!!!


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