Achievement Hunting (2)

Game: Kinect Star Wars

I’m not sure if I can take credit for any of these achievments as I was playing the game with family and friends and it was good to remember that despite it’s bugs the game is ridiculously good fun to play – especially in Rancor Rampage mode!!

  Witness the Power

Used all special attacks in 1 mode in Rancor Rampage, alone or with a friend.

There are a ridiculous amount of ways to kill and smash stuff as a Rancor from jumping on stuff to eating stormies that get in your way. Obviously someone managed to get them all in, probably while flailing randomly. I think charge mode is my favourite – not least for how ridiculous other people look when doing it!!

Angry World Traveller

Played any map at level 5 or higher in Rancor Rampage, alone or with a friend.

Easy to get with a party as you simply unlock by progressive play. I do like the variety of worlds and Rancors you can unlock – the Felucia level I particularly enjoyed with the little girl sending away her pet Rancor. I was dissapointed you couldn’t use the tail of the Naboo rancor to cause damage though…


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