Halo Nightfall: Characters (2)


Randall Aiken

Born in the city of Hull on Earth, Randall grew up with stories of maritime sailors from his father. He was abducted into the Spartan-II programme at a young age and designated Randall-037. One one if his missions he was stranded on a remote colony and presumed dead. He married and had a daughter before ONI found him. Refusing to rejoin he had his augmentations removed and moved to Sedra, taking a position in the Colonial Guard. After losing his daughter to a Covenant extremist attack he led to mission to the Halo shard and voluntarily stayed behind to destroy the rare element which harmed only humans.


Talitha Macer

Born on the colony world of Sedra, Macer grew up under the influence of her father, an officer in the Colonial Guard until he was killed on a mission. After falling in with the wrong crowd and ending up in prison she decided to enlist in the Guard to honour her father. Macer had a strong knowledge of physics and was capable of piloting a variety of spacecraft. She survived the mission to the Halo shard along with Locke.

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