Destiny: The Tower


This is my Guardian’s latest outfit – not much has changed apart from the Vector Oath helmet, though I do have some nice new weapons that I’ve picked up along the way.


After escaping the clutches of the Fallen I limped back to the Tower in my barely flight worthy Arcadia class jumpship. Jumpships have a warp drive capable of interplanetary travel at high speed and are used by Guardians to take on the enemy in territory that was once ours and will be again.

The Tower

The Tower

My ship hobbled its way to the City, which lies in the shadow of the Traveler, the last safe place on Earth. The Tower is a defensive installation on the outer walls that also serves as home for the Guardians of the city

The Traveller


The Traveller is a great mystery. Discovered on Mars it gifted mankind with many great discoveries and the ability to wield its Light, which launched humanity into a Golden Age. But its enemy, known only as The Darkness attacked and drove it and humanity to the brink of extinction. Now it lies dormant over the last city of Earth, though its Ghosts continue to seek new Guardians to wield its Light and fight back against the agents of darkness.

Ikora Rey

Ikora Rey

Ikora was one of the foremost Vanguards of the City, often venturing far out into the solar system on her own. Now she remains in the Tower, aiding and training Guardians who choose to become Warlocks. She equipped me with some much needed armour and training.

Amanda Holliday

Amanda Holliday

After speaking to Ikora I visited the Hangar, where my ship was being patched up by Amanda and her crew. Amanda is the lead engineer in the hangar. She also sells designs for Jumpships and Sparrows, which can be manufactured for Guardians by the City’s foundries.

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