Star Wars: The Force Awakens full trailer

Needless to say I won’t be continuing with ‘scene by scene’ as this trailer has just come out.

What I’m pleased about is that there’s still a lot of mystery left in the film (where are Luke and the Jedi, why do they seem to be a myth?) Which makes it all the more exciting!!

Two months to go!!!

Agents of SHIELD: Characters (9)



Raina grew up hearing stories of the Kree and Inhumans from her grandmother  and believed she was destined to become greater, becoming fixated on finding others with gifts to better understand her destiny.

As a youth she was adept at manipulating others to get what she wanted. At some point she fell in with Skye’s father before branching out on her own.

As an adult she joined the Centipede group to further her search for powers, creating the briefly-lived villain Scorch and developed the cybernetic implant that gave enhanced powers to their soldiers

She was disappointed when their leader, the Clairvoyant, was in fact HYDRA agent John Garrett, but remained with their organization until its collapse when she left with Ian Quinn. She returned to Cal and informed him she had found her daughter.

When the diviner was found she obtained it and discovered she was immune to its powers. Despite failing to bring Skye to her father she and Skye followed the path to the temple and went through Terrigenesis together


…and I thought your power was running fast and collecting gold rings

After going through the mist Raina was transformed, with spikes protruding from her skin. She was distraught at the change and attempted suicide before being rescued by Gordon and brought to Afterlife home of the Inhumans

After living with her people she started having visions of the future which allowed her to guide others. This eventually brought her into conflict with Jay-Ying, leader of the Inhumans. When the Inhumans started a war against SHIELD Raina had one last vision, one of her death which would lead Skye to save her people and SHIELD.