Destiny: Festival of the Lost

At the moment in Destiny there is a seasonal event on called the Festival of the Lost. I quite like the idea of a fun event, it reminds me of playing The Matrix Online and the cool holiday events they put on.


The whole city participates in the event, which commemorates those that have been lost in a celebration of life. The festival symbol is projected onto the Traveller for all to see.


The Tower is not exempt from the celebration; candles, banners and lanterns adorn the tower. While not all enjoy the festivities (try asking Eris Morn for candy!!) the festival has special significance for Guardians as they can honour the people they once were before being given new life by the Traveller.

Eva Levante


Eva is the Tower’s outfitter, providing ways for Guardians to customers to customise their appearance by selling custom emblems they can display and shaders to modify the colour of their armour. Eva coordinates the Festival in the Tower, providing themed masks for Guardians to wear. Eva gives challenges for Guardians to complete to earn more masks, from collecting candy to completing missions while wearing a holiday mask.

Tess Everiss


Tess was in charge of Special Orders for the Tower, delivering rewards to Guardians from the Vanguard. Tess has since set up her own company Eververse which teaches pre-Golden Age mannerisms and dances to Guardians in exchange for a rare currency known as Silver. Eververse sell special dances and moves for the festival and will give holiday masks and bags in exchange for Silver.

The event continues until the 9th of November


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