Achievement Hunting (3)


I’ve been enjoying the Arkham prequel a lot. I like the focus of everything spilling out of one night’s events. I do feel that the younger, less experienced Batman still comes off the same as the more mature Bats of the later games but I’m willing to play it out as it is still a really enjoyable game.


City of Assassins
Identify Black Mask’s assassins.

This is a standard achievement for completing the first mission. After a tussle with Killer Croc at Blackgate prison and a bit of digging it is revealed that Black Mask has put a bounty on Batman’s head (despite many thinking him an urban legend – one cool feature of the gameplay) and invited the City’s best contract killers to collect.


One Eye Open
Defeat Deathstroke

Again fairly standard, after following clues to Penguin’s boat and knocking out the pushover Electrocutioner I got into a fight with Deathstroke – the best method I found was to go on the offensive early and use the Batclaw to keep him off balance.


Point to Point
Glide across Bridge without touching the ground

I got this achievement when deactivating Anarky’s bombs, a call Batman couldn’t ignore, even when being pursued by deadly assassins. The most direct route to the third bomb was across the bridge and there were plenty of grapple points along the way.


Nobody that Matters
Who is the Joker?

Another story achievement, arriving at a crime scene where Black Mask and his girlfriend appear to have been murdered Batman discovers a message referring to someone called ‘The Joker’ on the dead girl’s phone.


Shut Down
Shut down an entire Tower network

A mysterious figure calling himself ‘The Enigma’ is harassing Batman, he has stolen the city’s secrets and plans to release them all via his private network. Interesting to see Riddler viewing himself as a hero in this setting.


Silent Knight
Complete a Predator encounter using only silent takedowns
I got this when infiltrating the GCPD. After initially trying to get in without making contact at all I finished using only silent moves. Batman wouldn’t hurt cops just to get past them, even if half of them are corrupt.


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