IRL: Halo at the Zoo (1)

Possibly the nerdiest series of posts I will do. I’ve always had a fascination with the animal named vehicles in Halo and when I spotted that my local Zoo had warthogs and mongeese in the same paddock I couldn’t help but smile and then I had the idea to do a series of posts taking pictures of the animals and sharing some details about them. I will be posting in order of appearance in Halo media starting with Combat Evolved and whether they are present in the zoo.



Bumblebees are members of the bee family with large furry bodies. They are distributed across the whole of the Northern Hemisphere and South America. There is a known controversy in which it was purported that the flight of bumblebees was a technical impossibility, though it has since been proven otherwise. Bumblebees are important pollinators so their recent decline is a cause for concern.

Class-3 Enclosed Heavy Lifeboat

The Bumblebee is the standard escape pod aboard UNSC vessels. The craft can carry eight personnel as well as a pilot who guides the vehicle
and controls the landing. Master Chief took an escape pod from the Pillar of Autumn to crash land on Alpha Halo, no other crew survived.

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