The 100: Series 2 review


Apparently you readers can’t get enough of my series 1 review so with series 3 on the way here in the UK I thought it was high time to do a review of the second installment of the post apocalyptic action series.

As before I’m not going to attempt a proper review but rather pick out the elements I really enjoyed.

Mount Weather and the Mountain Men


Mount Weather (inspired by a real US facility) was originally the intended location for the 100 dropship, who landed in the territory of the Wood Clan. After their war with the ‘grounders’ came to a head the Mountain Men took them in offering them shelter. After Clarke felt it was too good to be true she exposed the truth that they were using grounders as a remedy to their inability to tolerate radiation by draining them if their blood. While their President planned to integrate the 100 into the gene pool others favoured a more radical approach, harvesting their bone marrow to provide a permanent immunity. This action forced Clarke to irradiate the base, killing innocent and guilty alike.



Also known as the Woods Clan (tree crew) or Grounders we got to know a lot more about these people through this series. Living in Tondc (formerly Washington D.C.) these survivors are descended from those who resisted the effects of nuclear fallout in Earth. They speak their own language (a very clever form of distorted English using slang terms, one of the strengths of the show) though some speak English. Despite being great in number they live in fear of the technologically superior Mountain Men  with Lexa their leader making a deal with their President during an assault on the facility to release their prisoners.



While I slammed the Reapers in my Series 1 review the second series really fleshed them out when Lincoln was captured by the Mountain Men. The Cerberus programme makes captured Grounders dependent on drugs while also inducing fear of a toning device. The result produces cannibals who bring in captives for the Mountain Men in exchange for more drugs. Lincoln was eventually freed from this procedure and the project ended with Mount Weather.

We also got a bigger look at mutations, with some seriously overpowered animals as well as humans with non beneficial mutations who are shunned to keep them out of the gene pool.

The City of Light was also quite a big plotline, but I think it will be fleshed out more in the next series so I won’t say any more. And that’s it till the next post!!

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