Watch “Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Official Final Trailer (2016) – Ben Affleck Superhero Movie HD” on YouTube

I’m getting in the mood for this non-Marvel superhero movie after this trailer.

I find it intriguing how it is an opposite to The Dark Knight Returns on which it takes many visual nods. In this story Batman is concerned over Superman’s activity which leads to their conflict whereas it is Barman’s return from retirement that kicks things off in the comic

Destiny: Crimson Days


This is my latest look in full Scalpel Wing armour.


Crimson Days is the latest event in Destiny. The festival celebrates what two can do together commemorating all kinds of couples.

Lord Shaxx


Lord Shaxx is a hero of the Tower, famed for repelling the Fallen at the battle of Twilight Gap. Now he runs the Crucible, hardening new Guardians in simulated combat. Shaxx runs an event called Crimson Doubles where Guardians fight in pairs to earn unique rewards

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 54

The Fisher King


The work that went into the look of this alien was sadly underused in the episode with a brief dialogue with the Doctor followed by a sudden demise. Don’t get me wrong the episodes were good, the ghost plotline was well carried off, just a shame the ultimate villain didn’t get much screen time.

The Fisher King was a leader of a species which conquered several worlds including Tivoli. Fearsome in stature they possessed powerful weaponry and technology that could use the dead as a means of communication, conjuring ghosts that send out an endlessly repeating message.