Agents of SHIELD: Characters (10)

Elliott Randolph / The Berserker


Elliot Randolph is the assumed identity of the Asgardian known in legend as ‘The Warrior Who Stayed’. A mason in Asgard for centuries he leapt at the opportunity to join a military expedition to Midgard. He joined a regiment of Berserkers, who utilised a staff that drew on rage to give incredible power, even by Asgardian standards.

After the war he deserted the army and chose to remain on Earth, moving and changing his identity to hide his longevity. He broke the berserker staff into three pieces and hid them around Europe. His attraction to a woman who loved stories led to his story being written down as legend.

In modern times he took the identity Elliot Randolph, taking a post as a professor in Seville, Spain using his Asgardian ancestry to teach classes on Norse Mythology. When Thor arrived in NBerserkergbb SHIELD hired him as a consultant and turned to him again when the Berserker staff was uncovered.

He helped SHIELD recover the staff after his true identity was uncovered then moved to Norway where he ended up in prison which kept him safely away from government interest in alien presences on Earth. He reluctantly agreed to help uncover the truth of the Monolith, having nearly discovered it himself centuries earlier, on condition that it be destroyed. Following this he again went his own way.

Jakob Nystrom and Petra Larson


Members of an anarchic group with interest in Noirse mythology fueled by the arrival of Thor and later Malekith. Together they uncovered the Berserker

staff and used it to empower themselves and their followers, causing chaos across Europe. They were eventually defeated by Melinda May who wielded the full power of the staff against them.


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