Star Wars: Is KoTOR still Canon?


I know I’m not the only one floating this theory around but I’ve had this in my head nearly since the film came out so I’m posting the thing.

Knights of The Old Republic is arguably the best Star Wars game (I wouldn’t disagree but the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series holds a special place in my heart!) and it’s influence still seems to hold sway.

Now that the film is out a few significant nods to the game have come out and here are the ones I’ve picked up on the most.

Hammerhead ships


The look of these ships, which recently debuted in Rebels is taken straight out of the game and a clear homage to the series. While their appearance in Rebellion era Star Wars would go against my theory a entry says the ships are based on a ‘centuries-old’ design and coupled with Ahsoka’s pointed statement that ‘there’s always a bit of truth in Legends’ it looks like pushing forwards they are still keen to look back.



One of BioWares triumphs in KoTOR was just how good their aliens, and basically everything else, looked. So it’s hardly surprising that the Selkath race made an appearance in The Clone Wars. At the time the series enjoyed a complicated relationship with the EU so it’s not surprising that they made an appearance in the series but it’s more evidence nonetheless.



One of the key Planets in the game was Taris, a sort-of Outer Rim version of Coruscant. In The Force Awakens during the Hosnian scene we see Senator Andrithall Robb-Votti of Taris (pictured) just before the blast. It’s likely just a nod to the game but that they chose this planet out of all the ones, including dozens of still Canon planets to me seems like they’re hinting at something.



We’re getting right into Humdinger territory with this one. Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is based on a design used in ‘The Scourge of Malachor’. This reference points right to KoTOR’s Sequel whose final battle is set on the devastated planet of Malachor V. There were some references to Malachor in The Clone Wars but again why not choose somewhere else or indeed refer to it at all unless you’re making a point? One theory is that the planet will appear in an upcoming episode of Rebels as Ezra is shown holding a Ren style saber so maybe we will find out more soon.

Rakata Prime


This one is the real Humdinger!! All the others can be explained away but this one begs further information!!! On the new Canon galaxy map Rakata Prime, site of KoTOR’s final battle, is clearly marked. This planet is home to the Rakata, an ancient race who conquered the galaxy 25,000 years before the movies and whose influence shaped the development of hyperspace technology, the formation of the Republic and the Jedi Order. Now with a completely new timeline it of course was logical to wipe away all the EU. To include such a significant planet seems to only suggest that they want to keep the game in current continuity.

While no doubt some other explanation will come to light it’s no doubt that the Spirit, if not the story, oh KoTOR is well and truly alive.


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