Achievement Hunting (4)


You will be able to tell from this post that I haven’t progressed very far overall in Destiny – in fact I’ve yet to leave Earth. But I’ve enjoyed taking my time through the game and enjoying the variety of activities on offer.

Ship Rite


Rebuild a Jumpship

This achievement comes with completing the first mission of the game, which I’ve covered in previous Destiny posts in more detail.

Dragon Slayer


Kill a Champion of the Dark

This one comes from the second mission where after scrounging parts for my ship I ran into Rixis; an Archon – more on that in future posts.

Blink of an Eye


Kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds

I got this in the third mission when I ran into the hive and a pack of Thralls charged me. A quick grenade followed by melee attacks got me this achievement.

A New Steed


Obtain and equip a new personal vehicle

Another par for the course one – I got this for equipping a Sparrow in the fourth mission. It made the storyline a bit jarring as I’d been using my Sparrow for weeks while out on Patrol!

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