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In a way it felt like this trailer showed too much. Still really good that they’re pushing into brand new territory with this one


Achievement Hunting (5)

Your Journey Begins
Complete a campaign mission or match of multiplayer


I got this one for completing the Spartan Locke prologue, the main appeal for getting this game as well as the revamped Halo 2

Just Getting Started
Kill 100 enemies or players


I got this playing Halo 2, more by virtue of getting killed and repeating the same battle over and over than any skill.

Balaho’s Most Wanted
Kill 100 Grunts


Got this one almostĀ  immediately after the last one…Elites are tough!!

Cairo Station
Halo 2: Complete Cairo Station


Pretty self explanatory

The Guardians Are Coming
Get killed by the Guardians


I got this one again in Halo 2 after discovering the Scarab Skull setting, which gives any weapon the strength of a Scarab blast. A really fun way of blasting through a level with the side effect of constant accidental suicide – hence the achievement.

Stick With It…A Little Longer
Play a multiplayer or co-op game at least 3 months after your first game


I got this one after getting a second controller so I could play co-op with my wife.

THE Chips Dubbo?!!
Halo 2: Fight alongside the legendary Chips Dubbo and listen to his words.


I got this playing the second level of Halo 2 in New Mombasa. I wasn’t really aware of Chips though – I was too busy Scarab-blasting everything on sight!!

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 55

The Mire


The Mire filled the classic Who role of ‘Alien creating menace to give reason for Doctor to meet/save interesting person. They filled it admirably well clonking around in metal suits and had a pretty original look under the hood


The Mire were a warrior race active in the 9th Century. They travelled across space, conquering Planets and assimilating their technology and the biological essence of their warriors to advance their own campaign.



Seemingly straight out of the 90s BBC Narnia costume department this was a race I couldn’t take seriously at all. They filled the role the Mire took but nowhere near as well.

Leonians were a race with advanced capabilities including the creation of portals across vast distances off space. They were also ruthless, punishing failure with death among their own kind