Destiny: The Fallen (2)

My armour hasn’t changed much recently but I do have a new ship ‘The Space-Age Mariner’ thanks to the weekly Sterling Treasures from the April update (also here’s proof I’ve now made it to the Moon!!)
After escaping the Fallen I returned to the Cosmodrome to look for a warp drive to make my scavenged ship spaceworthy. In doing so I ran into and defeated some of the Fallen leadership.

The House of Devils 

The Fallen are divided into many houses, each displaying the colours and emblem of their lost nobility. The House of Devils are at the forefront of the attack on humanity,having lead the famed battle of Twilight Gap on the City. Even now they hold their territory in Old Russia, always within reach of the Wall.

Captains are the fiercest of the Fallen ranks, ruling through gear and brutality. They have the privilege of greater Ether rations and protective shielding and carry blades with which to slay their enemies or put down insubordination. 

Archons are heroes of the Fallen, fulfilling a role that combines both Priest and Warlord. Archons have a close relationship with the Servitors, perhaps explaining their vastly increased size. Fearsome in appearance and in battle, the death of an Archon is a cause for celebration in the City.

The Fallen use Skiffs to rapidly deploy their troops across Earth’s surface, protecting them with powerful artillery 


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