Agents of SHIELD: Characters (11)

Hannah Hutchins

Hannah was the safety inspector at a Particle Accelerator in Utah. After an accident caused the death of her colleagues she was blamed but any time she was approached or threatened her antagonists were rebuffed by invisible forces. She feared she was being haunted or punished until SHIELD helped her.

Tobias Ford

An engineer at the particle accelerator, he would create minor faults in order to spend time with Hannah. As a result of one of these a major accident occurred which, possibly due to the Convergence, caused Tobias to be trapped between two worlds. He briefly hung on to existence, attempting to protect Hannah. When he realised she’d been cleared he finally let go.

Watch “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer (Official)” on YouTube

Spaceships!! I’m sorry George I know it’s all about the characters really but I can’t help it – I just love new spaceships!!

Some nice shots of the new four-winged shuttle and a good look at the new U-Wing. I thought the sketch that was released looked too much like a Mass  Effect design but on screen it really has a true Star Wars feel.

Nice to flesh out the squad a bit more and see why they are all in the fight as well as seeing more of the overall battle. 

Star Wars Celebration: Autograph Hall

The timing of this post comes at a really sad time with news of the death of Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2. It was a great honour to see him at Celebration right next to his most famous character and surrounded by fans.
A big part of Celebration was the Autograph Hall where you could meet actors from the movies. The highlight for me was meeting Peter Mayhew for a photo op.  

Anyway here’s a gallery of the people I saw with who they portray 

You may have noticed a few faces missing – some stars had restrictions on photo taking, but I did manage to see Anthony Daniels and also the top of Carrie Fisher’s head for a few seconds!!!

More Celebration recaps to come.