Halo Nightfall: SpeciesĀ 

What better way to finish 2016 then to round off a series of posts.

Halo Nightfall gave us a glimpse at a wider range of alien races than seen in the games.



Yonhet are a humanoid race who existed as part of the Covenant fringe. Their population and skills were not significant enough to make them part of the Covenant military, but their skills in uncovering items of interest meant they could act with some autonomy within the structure of their hierarchy.


In their desperation to destroy the Flood the Forerunners developed many plans, including adapting primitive Lekgolo worms to fight the parasite. The plan failed but the creatures were incredibly resilient, with a colony surviving the destruction of Alpha Halo, where they were housed. The colony could combine to imitate the form of it’s victims, including animals and humans.

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 57

With the new Christmas special imminent I thought I’d try do a quick catch-up on the aliens from the last series. 

Quantum Shade 

At first the Quantum Shade seemed cool and a good plot device but when you over think it it starts to look dumb. Why would a creature exist just to silently execute people, and if it can pair with you and track you anywhere why give such a ridiculously long countdown?

A Quantum Shade paired with it’s victims, capable of finding them anywhere in the universe and instantly killing any of its victims when their time was up.


I thought this race was quite original – OK they’re based on the two-headed god called Janus- but they’re a bit unusual even for Doctor Who! The second head telling the future was an interesting feature.

Janus are two-headed humanoid beings, with their second head facing backwards and able to see into the future. Because of this ability they were often exploited.

Cloister Wraiths 

I honestly can’t remember these, it’s been such a ridiculously long time – they were creepy…I think!

Cloister Wraiths are semi-sentient constructs containing the minds of deceased Time Lords and others who enter their domain.

In the fun Christmas special we also got this guy, I liked the touch about his kids eating the mother, probably supposed to make him seem evil but it seems accurate for an insectoid race.