Destiny: The Tower (2)

After defeating Rixis I returned to the Tower to have the warp drive I’d acquired installed. When I got there the news of an Archon’s death had caught the attention of the Tower’s leadership.

The Speaker

The Speaker is a revered role, a priest hidden behind a mask who communes with the Traveller in his slumber, understanding some of it’s mysteries. In the tower the Speaker guides and leads the Guardians.


A student of Saladin, the last Iron Lord, Zavala has a fierce reputation in the Tower, having fought in its fiercest battles. The City’s factions competed for his attention but he chose to lead the Guardians becoming the Vanguard representative for Titans. He keeps an eye on the most significant threats and tasks Guardians to eliminate them.


The origins of the Exos are a mystery even to themselves. Perhaps built to serve humanity in an ancient war or an experiment in immortality (some Exos have memories of once being flesh) these machines are fully ‘sentient and considered part of humanity, with a significant amount of them chosen as Guardians by the Traveller and able to wield his Light as well as any organic.


Behind his wisecracking personality Cayde is a seasoned warrior with experience of hunting humanitys fiercest enemies alone in the wild.He has fragmented memories of his former life, even recalling a flesh body. He took the post of Vanguard when his friend was assassinated, but looks for any opportunity to get back in the field.


A seasoned warrior Banshee-44 has lived through many battles and several mind-wipes. An expert with weapons he relocated to the Tower, selling and repairing weapons for Guardians. He also tasks Guardians with examining the weapons of the enemy for him.

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