Watch “MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Cinematic Trailer #2” on YouTube

I’m starting to get really excited for Andromeda!!

This gives us a better sense of the timescale of the game, with a partially completed Nexus, which I guess you’ll contribute to building as the game goes on. 

I like the youthful vibe of the Pathfinder team, explorers full of energy thrown into a conflict that will push them past the edge. Nice to get a glimpse of the Salarian pilot too. 

We got a good glimpse of the new friendly race, the Angara. A nice variety of faces too, presumably different sexes. I’d really like if one of these joined as a squad mate, maybe as a guide. 

With a proper sense of the scale of the game, it’s looking like Andromeda has a lot to offer.

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