Who should be in the Cassian Andor show: The Rebellion part 1

Continuing a look at who could be in the Cassian live-action show I want to look at some of the key Rebel characters who appeared in Rogue One.

I think this show could give an extended role to some of the characters who appeared in the film, similar to how Agents of SHIELD gave bigger roles to some supporting MCU characters.

Mon Mothma

Yes!! This is a no-brainer and I’d go so far as to say they shouldn’t make the show without her. I like the idea of seeing a younger, less established Mothma trying to bring the Rebellion together.

General Draven

Another no-brainer, Draven is Cassian’s handler and again it would be interesting to see how he rose through the ranks and became so harsh in his decisions.

Admiral Raddus

Now with Raddus it’s harder. Strictly speaking he wouldn’t necessarily have anything to do with Cassian as he is navy but he is such a great character I’d welcome any way to crowbar him in – plus seeing him in a scene with Ackbar would be amazing!!!

General Merrick

Similar to Ackbar, no real reason for him to interact with Cassian but he was awesome so I wouldn’t complain if he was in!!

Jan Dodonna

My first no. I liked how they included the character but I think they were smart to keep him to a background role. Dodonna had such a distinctive voice and presence that to have someone else play him in a key role would feel wrong.

Bail Organa

My gut says no, but I’m honestly not sure why. I think it depends on how many other characters show up because the show could get saturated. Much like the others it would be cool to see him again but as he isn’t based at Yavin 4 he doesn’t need to be there unless the story dictates it

Pao and Bistan

All you need is a good puppeteer to get these guys back in and their presence brought some much needed alien presence to Yavin 4 so yeah, bring ’em back.

That’ll do for now – more on the Rebels soon!

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