Rian Johnson confirms he is still working on his Star Wars trilogy…and sets a rare example.

I rarely blog about news and, as usual I’m slow out of the gate but I was so impressed by what I saw recently over this news that could have easily dissolved into fiasco but instead was resolved amicably and professionally.

First off I am so glad to get confirmation that the announced Star Wars trilogy is still going ahead.

After ‘Suberbros Movies’ released the story there was a flurry on the internet about Johnson’s work being cancelled for different reasons.

Johnson eventually had to speak out, but did so giving respect to the news outlet, despite many in the fandom turning on them. With so much negativity on Twitter towards Johnson he did not need to comment at all, much less in such a genteel manner.

What happened next continues to impress. Superbro Movies acted like grownups and issued a retraction and apology to Johnson, emphasising that their story was based on what they believed to be reliable sources and was not born out of any negativity toward Rian.

Despite having cleared the air and being respectful to a rumour that must have at least made his day more challenging Johnson went out of his way to express that he felt no ill will towards them and graciously accepted the apology.

This is such a great example of online interaction to a difficult situation done with integrity and understanding.

I for one think we should all look to this when interacting online.

Still no news on a release for the trilogy but I’m sure it will be worth the wait!!

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