Sluggish Reaction: Edge of Tomorrow

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I watched Edge of Tomorrow on TV recently and wanted to throw up a quick reaction and share my thoughts on the movie. In short I expected a generic alien invasion action movie, which is basically what it is but the ‘Live.Die.Repeat’ time travel plotline gave the film a fresh feel and meant you didn’t spend the whole movie on a beachhead or fighting through a devastated city.

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Tom Cruise plays a military PR official forced into front line combat. He dies within minutes of entering the battlefield but finds himself repeating the same day and same battle over and over.

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Eventually he meets Emily Blunt’s character, a hero of humanity who has had a similar experience and trains him by repeatedly killing him. Eventually their knowledge of the battle becomes so great they can navigate with ease.

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The aliens, known as ‘mimics’, were suitably alien and threatening but the plot wisely didn’t focus too much on them, instead focusing on the dynamic between Blunt and Cruise as they fought their way towards an endgame.

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The use of death as a reboot was used well to keep the story fresh and was often hilarious with Cruise dying unexpectedly at any given moment then catching up to where the story left off. It also led for surprises as we as the audience could never be quite sure if we were witnessing the characters do something for the first time.

The story has everything you’d expect from a Tom Cruise action/SF flick but it’s unique storytelling style plus great performances and action sequences make this one stand out as well worth a watch.


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