Species of the week: Eliksni

Related image

Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Unknown

Notable members: Riksis, Skolas

Fandom: Destiny

Appearances: Destiny, Destiny 2


The Eliksni, more commonly known as Fallen, are an arachnid race with a humanoid frame. They have four arms, though lower classes have two arms docked as a sign of subservience. Once a proud and noble culture they were blessed by the Traveler until they were invaded and lost everything. Their houses of nobility are now roving pirate bands who have made their way to Earth and seek to reclaim the Traveler from humanity. They depend on a substance known as Ether to survive and rely on machine Servitors to harvest it for them. 

I made a video about Destiny (which you can watch HERE) which got me thinking about this species. I think all the races of Destiny are well designed. I’ve put a link to an excellent lore video by My Name if Byf which explains their lore far more thoroughly than I can.


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