Review: The Pirates of Mercury

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A young prince defies his father to bring unity to the solar system. An old king grieves over the loss of his daughter. A name is whispered and feared across the planets: The Pirates of Mercury, just a myth or something real and dangerous?

I picked up the Pirates of Mercury after hearing Kyle talk about his work on The Writer Experience podcast (check that out by the way!). The idea of humanity fully occupying the solar system with each planet being it’s own Kingdom with a unique culture really grabbed me so when I got the chance I picked it up.

The story centres around Kelvin Sellwood who undertakes the Traditions of Service, a rite of passage for rulers who wish to take the throne. He must journey to each Kingdom and perform a service for the ruler of that world before moving on to the next in a show of unity and as an opportunity to build alliances.

While Kelvin has noble intentions he also has an agenda of his own; to track down his lost sister. This proves his greatest challenge as it becomes clear her fate is tied up with the elusive Pirates of Mercury.

OK, I think that’s all I can say without going full-spoilers on you. The story is a YA sci-fi adventure set in a rich universe with plenty of potential for growth. I liked the characters of Kelvin and his best friend Amelia and thought they developed well across the book and Kelvin’s parents and the other supporting characters felt real with hints at their backstories scattered throughout.

If I had to make a criticism (this is a review after all) I would say that the first two chapters are quite exposition-heavy out of necessity. My advice would be to power through them because the story gets into the action quite quickly after that and the reveals and twists from then on happen organically as Kelvin travels to Mercury and seeks out his sister.

I found this book particularly inspiring as I wanted to see what a self-published author could achieve as it’s a route I’m hoping to take with my own writing sometime soon. I was both impressed by what Kyle has pulled off and inspired to push on with my own work.

I’ll finish by saying that this is an engaging sci-fi read. It’s a fun adventure and the voyage across the nine worlds made me eager to pick up the sequel, which isn’t something I can say often.

If I have thumbs up it would definitely get one from me!!

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