Sluggish Reaction: Spider-Man Far From Home

I went to see the latest Spider-Man installment recently and it didn’t disappoint. With the announcement of Phase 4 recently I observed that I’ve got Marvel fatigue in the sense that I don’t really get hyped for the movies going in but I always enjoy them coming out and this was no exception.

To be clear it will be full on SPOILERS from here on, but I think I’m safe to comment by now!!

I’m a bit ambivalent about how they handled the ‘blip.’ I thought making it a comedy moment after a the heaviness of Endgame was good and I like how they confirmed that all the main cast got ‘blipped’ too and introduced age gaps which again worked for comedic effect and the tone of the film.

I would have liked a moment where the loss is dealt with, particularly with Peter and May – there wasn’t really time in Endgame to tell that personal story – I was hoping we’d get another Ant-Man film or series to see him deal with the loss of Cassie’s childhood but that isn’t going to happen so I hoped this movie might fill the gap a bit.

Also an explanation as to why May’s ok with him being Spider-Man now would have been appreciated by me.

I liked Mysterio a whole lot and the twist in his character. I knew he was a villain in comics but him presenting himself as an alternate-reality version sold me on his hero persona.

The name drop of Earth-616 was cool but I’m glad it wasn’t real in the end…too confusing!!

I really liked the illusions idea and bringing back the guy from the first Iron Man was a great touch. It was a bit far-fetched but I can suspend my disbelief a little more in a comic book movie!

I was a bit confused by how he died. It felt a bit quick and jarring, especially tying in to the post-credits scene.

I liked the Elementals plotline, even if it did turn out to be fake. I thought it was great to see Peter put up against threats he couldn’t handle and see him use his powers to save people instead and use his brains to plan a strategy.

Overall I thought the film did a great job. There were some great comedy moments along with an emotional arc for Peter dealing with the loss of a mentor and having big shoes to fill, and ultimately proving to himself that he was the right man for the job.

Ok and let’s talk about those post-credits scenes which may be the biggest yet in terms of impact. First we have the return of JK Simmonds as Jonah Jameson outing Peter then the revelation that Nick Fury was a Skrull the entire time (and possibly longer?).

My guess is this will tie into the recently announced Thor: Love and Thunder. In the comics Fury was hidden on the moon with an LMD replacing him on Earth, events that followed led to Jane Foster taking the mantle of Thor.

And I’m done. Another fun ride from Marvel wrapping up Phase 3 nicely.

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