Visual Dictionary Fun Facts (31)

Malakili, the rancor trainer from Jabba’s Palace carries a Gaffi stick; a gift from a grateful clan of Tusken Raiders for ridding their cave of a gigantic mutant Womp Rat.


I’ve been doing these for a while on Twitter but that place is full on Mandalorian spoilers so I’ve decided to post them here for the time being. Hope you enjoy!

My (stupid) The Rise of Skywalker theory

Since the epic trailer for The Rise of Skywalker came out speculation for what will happen is everywhere. I wanted to share a thought that, though I think it’s highly unlikely, has been in my head for a while.

One of the main mysteries to me has been who or what Rey is facing in this scene. Whatever it is seems to have a mechanical/electronic component to it which sparked this in my brain.

What if it’s Robot Palpatine?!

Stupid. Yeah, probably, but I’d rather have fun speculating on something ridiculous than get hung up on a fan theory.

Anyway, what if ol’ Palps has fused technology with the Dark Side to literally engineer his return?

The only thing that makes me think of this as even a remote possibility is that it would solve the issue of how he is controlling this fleet.

Maybe, just maybe, the Star Destroyers ARE Palpatine, controlled by his digital mind. Hmmm…

Like I said I’m not pinning any hopes on this one, but thought it’d be fun to share. Let me know what you think or tell me your crazy theories and let’s have fun!!

Ossus: The ORIGINAL Jedi Academy


From the rise of the Jedi of the Old Republic to their fall at the hands of the reborn One Sith, Ossus has been a key world for the Order and widely regarded as their true home by the Jedi for many centuries.

tython invasion.jpg

After the Rakata invaded Tython the ancient Je’Daii left their world of seclusion and joined the wider galaxy around 25,000 years before the galactic civil war. They settled on a number of worlds, including Ossus but it was on this world that they established what would become the Jedi Order and eventually allied themselves with the growing Republic. While they established a centre on Coruscant their home as an order was Ossus for millennia and they established many centres of learning including the great library and many of the great Jedi of old were trained there including Odan-Urr, Nomi Sunrider and Shaela Nuur.

exar kun1

Ossus’ time as a prime location came to an end with the rise of the Sith Lord Exar Kun, who waged a brutal war against the Republic and the Jedi. He triggered a supernova in the nearby Cron system which sent out a shockwave that devastated the Ossus system, making it an inhospitable wasteland.

Ossus ysanna

The planet quickly fell into obscurity, though it was not completely abandoned. The Neti Jedi Ood Bnar completed his life cycle and became a tree in order to hide a great cache of lightsabers. A handful of Jedi survived and their descendants became a primitive tribe of force-sensitives known as the Ysanna. They were rediscovered by Luke Skywalker during the Dark Empire crisis and a handful of Ysanna joined his fledgling New Jedi Order, wielding the lightsabers protected by Ood Bnar.

ossus legacy

Decades later the planet would once again become a centre of Jedi learning. While Luke’s first Jedi Academy was built on Yavin 4, this base was attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong, forcing them to abandon their first home. After the war the Jedi settled on Ossus and built a new home on the wasteland planet. A century later a thriving Jedi Order operated from the Academy on Ossus and championed a new project, using Yuuzhan Vong biotes to bring life to Ossus once more. However this act of reconciliation was poisoned by the Sith, plunging the galaxy into war and once again the Jedi were forced to abandon their home.

For anyone interested in the Legacy comic series I thought this primer on Ossus might be a helpful bit of backstory







Species of the week: Savrip


Designation: Semi-Sentient

Homeworld: Ord Mantell

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: A New Hope, Legacy


Mantellian Savrips are large, brutish creatures native to Ord Mantell. Roughly humanoid in shape, they tower over most species with large, stocky reptilian arms and long necks ending in a fearsome head. They were most famous for being depicted as a piece in the holotable game Dejarik. Due to their ability to use tools and weapons their sentience was up for debate but by 137ABY a Savrip was a  member of Darth Krayt’s One Sith so it is likely the debate was over by this point

Savrip dejarik.jpg

As I’ve said the past few weeks I want to start a series on Star Wars: Legacy and this Savrip Sith was stuck in my mind. I think it was a cool idea to show the 100 year time jump for a species thought of as primitive to be part of the Sith Order.

Species of the week: Nagai


Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Nagi

Notable members: Darth Nihl

Fandom: Star Wars [Legends]

Appearances: Marvel Star Wars, Legacy


The Nagai were an isolated race of tall, white-skinned humanoids living in a dwarf galaxy in the unknown regions. While thin and apparently frail they possessed fast reflexes and speed as well as their own advanced technology and weapons and were a warlike culture with a strict code of honour. They largely stayed hidden from galactic society until shortly after the battle of Endor when they launched an apparent invasion of the galaxy. They were met by the Alliance, who soon realised they were invading out of desperation after centuries of oppression by the Tofs another race from outside the main galaxy. The Nagai joined forces with the Alliance and the Mandalorians and reclaimed their homeworld. They returned to isolation and continued to have a warlike culture, with one of their chief warlords being recruited by the Sith and becoming Darth Nihl.

I’m hoping to have my series on Star Wars: Legacy up soon and thought this background information on the Nagai might be helpful for anyone watching – let me know if it is.

Review: The Gravity Warriors of Venus

Gravity Warriorsa.jpg

The solar system is in turmoil. A Prince defies his kingdom, his parents and his long-lost sister to bring unity and journeys to the most secretive of worlds. On Venus he must uncover the secrets of the ancient Gravity Warriors if he has any hope of surviving the Wanderers.

I was keen to pick up the sequel to Kyle Larson’s The Pirates of Mercury (see my review HERE) and it didn’t disappoint. The titular pirates of the last book are now the Wanderers a massive force seeking to overthrow the royal families of each planet. The book fleshed out the Wanderers and let us spend time with the villains and understand their motivations.

It’s hard to talk about Venus without giving away a lot of the plot of the book. But what I enjoy is the way we journey to a new planet in each book, which makes me excited for the rest of the series. Venus was full of ancient mysteries and the powerful gravity warriors who wield ancient power capable of matching even the best technology and firepower. The time spent of Venus makes me excited to see Uranus their allies and Jupiter, the super-power the Wanderers want to overthrow.

My main criticism of the last book was that it took a while to get going. Well that it completely out of the window with this book. It hits the ground running, builds mystery and offers an intense and climactic battle at the end. All the characters had their reason for what they were doing and it was good to see Prince Sellwood grow and become his own man

If you want fun space adventure full of mystery – this is a book I have no hesitation recommending. The next book in the series The Lost Princess of Earth has just been released so now is the perfect time to jump on board

Species of the week: Mynock


Designation: Non-sentient

Homeworld: Ord Mynock

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: The Empire Strikes Back


Mynocks are a silicon-based life-form capable of living in the vacuum of space. They are generally considered a pest by most galactic citizens due to their tendency to feed on the power systems of starships. Many lived in asteroid fields and some lived inside exogorth slugs, feeding on the prey they captured. 

I’m up to ESB on my Star Wars re-watch and I remember getting really freaked out by the Mynocks as a kid and being fascinated by these creatures living out in open space.

The ORIGINAL Knights of the Old Republic: Vodo-Siosk Baas


Scholar. Teacher. Guardian of the light, master to the greatest darkness. This is the story of Vodo-Siosk Baas.

Master Baas was one of the great Jedi Masters of the Old Republic. He was a leading member of the Assembly of Jedi on Ossus but also led an academy for gifted Jedi on Dantooine. He knew the perils of the dark side and trained many Jedi to combat agents of the darkness in the hope of preventing the return of the Sith.


In his quest to prevent the dark side spreading he restricted knowledge of force techniques. This frustrated one of his most able students, Exar Kun, who hungered after a deeper knowledge of the force and left his master to uncover the mysteries of the force, believing himself immune to the dark side.


Kun’s leaving was followed by the rise of the dark side cult called the Krath. Vodo-Siosk Baas was instrumental in combating them and defended the Republic against them and the Sith army that followed, led by Ulic Qel-Droma who had joined his former apprentice.

vodo exar

Baas was devastated by the return of the Sith and his part in their return. He spent time in exile but returned to Coruscant when the Sith attacked. He confronted Exar Kun and urged him to return to the light. He reluctantly fought his apprentice using only his staff empowered with the force but was defeated when Kun unleashed his new weapon – the double-bladed lightsaber and struck him down.

exar kun 6

Before he died he prophesied that he would return to confront Kun. This happened over 4000 years later when his spirit returned to aid Luke Skywalker’s students finally vanquish the dark lord’s spirit on Yavin 4. With this defeat the great Jedi found peace.


OK a lightsaber fight where someone is using a stick?! Yes I want to see that!!!

I like master Baas. I like the tragedy of a master who did the right thing but his actions still led to evil because of his apprentice. It would actually be cool to see a story drawn out over centuries where spirits fought each other aided by a new generation of Jedi.




Species of the Week: Yuuzhan Vong


Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Yuuzhan’tar

Notable members: Nom Anor, Shimmra, Tsavong Lah

Fandom: Star Wars [Legends]

Appearances: New Jedi Order series, Legacy


The Yuuzhan Vong originated outside the Star Wars Galaxy on the sentient planet Yuuzhan’tar. They were humanoid but were larger and had large, sloping foreheads. Other physiological differences included jet black blood. But perhaps their most significant difference was the fact they they appeared to exist outside of the force. 


At some point in their ancient history they were caught in a conflict between two sentient droid civilizations. This led them to abhor all forms of technology and develop organic weapons, armour and even ships. After growing stronger their civilization turned xenophobic and hostile, wiping out or enslaving all other life in the galaxy then travelling across the stars to conquer a new galaxy and make a new home after destroying theirs.

vong war.jpg

Upon arrival in the galaxy they caused massive conflict, immobilizing the New Republic government and quickly conquering worlds as far in as Coruscant, which they tried to reclaim as their homeworld, tearing down the cityscape and infusing it with their creations. They were obsessed with pain and inflicted it on themselves and underwent excruciating physical alterations in service to their gods. 

vong jedi

Due to their absence from the force the Jedi’s powers were ineffective against the Vong as their could not sense them or directly influence them. Moreover the Jedi were particularly persecuted by the invaders when they discovered their powers and suffered heavy losses at their hands. Despite this it was the Jedi who ended the war by bringing peace to their enemies. They discovered Zonama Sekot and sentient planet that had been spawned by Yuuzhan’tar – from there they found that the Vong had been stripped of the force by their homeworld for the devastation they’d caused and exiled. But when they sensed home the need to fight ended and the majority of the Vong settled there in peace after their leadership were defeated in a final conflict. 

Even a century later the Yuuzhan Vong had a significant impact on the galaxy and their actions were remembered by many. Once again, though, it was the Jedi who tried to bring them peace. 


I’m planning on doing a series on Star Wars: Legacy sometime soon. The Yuuzhan Vong are mentioned quite frequently so I wanted to lay down some background for anyone who was interested