Review: The Gravity Warriors of Venus

Gravity Warriorsa.jpg

The solar system is in turmoil. A Prince defies his kingdom, his parents and his long-lost sister to bring unity and journeys to the most secretive of worlds. On Venus he must uncover the secrets of the ancient Gravity Warriors if he has any hope of surviving the Wanderers.

I was keen to pick up the sequel to Kyle Larson’s The Pirates of Mercury (see my review HERE) and it didn’t disappoint. The titular pirates of the last book are now the Wanderers a massive force seeking to overthrow the royal families of each planet. The book fleshed out the Wanderers and let us spend time with the villains and understand their motivations.

It’s hard to talk about Venus without giving away a lot of the plot of the book. But what I enjoy is the way we journey to a new planet in each book, which makes me excited for the rest of the series. Venus was full of ancient mysteries and the powerful gravity warriors who wield ancient power capable of matching even the best technology and firepower. The time spent of Venus makes me excited to see Uranus their allies and Jupiter, the super-power the Wanderers want to overthrow.

My main criticism of the last book was that it took a while to get going. Well that it completely out of the window with this book. It hits the ground running, builds mystery and offers an intense and climactic battle at the end. All the characters had their reason for what they were doing and it was good to see Prince Sellwood grow and become his own man

If you want fun space adventure full of mystery – this is a book I have no hesitation recommending. The next book in the series The Lost Princess of Earth has just been released so now is the perfect time to jump on board

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