Species of the week: Xi’Dec

Designation: Sentient


Notable members: Ubbla Mollbro

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: The Last Jedi

The Xi’Dec are an insectoid species with humanoid features. The females contain external egg sacks and seek out compatible partners to fertilize them. The opera singer Ubbla Mollbro was a wealthy and influential Xi’Dec

I’ve caught up on The Last Jedi and this shocked opera singer with her crazy cat balloon is an awesome species you can’t miss.

Species of the week: Siniteen


Designation: Sentient


Notable members: Bric

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: A New Hope, The Clone Wars


Siniteen are a humanoid species with an enlarged central nervous system giving them incredible capabilities of thought, including being able to calculate a hyperspace jump mentally. Despite their advanced and rather exposed cranium, a number of their race were talented bounty hunters.

I enjoyed seeing this species in The Clone Wars, though I’m disappointed I never spotted this as a background alien in A New Hope. Their exposed brains are a really cool design, though if I was them I wouldn’t walk outside without a hard hat!!

Meet my new favourite droid – the Giant Mouse Droid!

giant mouse 1

I re-watched Return of the Jedi this week and one of the joys of watching Star Wars again is spotting a cool little background detail I’ve missed, despite having watched the movies countless times. In the opening sequence, lurking just behind Moff Jerrjerrod, was this droid.

giant mouse 2

You can barely see it in the rest of the sequence but it is there roaming around the Death Star II’s hangar bay with it’s distinctive eye stalk. A bit of research let me to find that it has been dubbed the ‘Giant Mouse Droid’, though at least one fan has suggested ‘Rat Droid’ as a title and I’m onboard with that title too. Virtually nothing else has been recorded about this model, which only has a second or two of screen time.

giant mouse 3

One of the best views of the droid is from a fan, who made this custom model. I think this is where fandom shines with people using their talent to highlight a fun detail of the franchise. I couldn’t find out much apart from that it was by Echo_Six customs and there are some details on this message board thread HERE

Aaand, that’s it. I love the effort that even goes into a design that is barely on screen. I could easily do a ‘droid of the week’ on here but I think I’ll stick to just species for now unless there’s enough (by which I mean ANY) interest.

Have a fun weekend!

Species of the week: Wol Cabasshite

wol cabasshite.jpg

Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Wol Cabassh

Notable members: Ghoel

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: Return of the Jedi


Wol Cabbasshites are an unusual species who adhere to surfaces and explore the world around them with their long prehensile tongue. They can be mistaken for pests, but are actually fully sentient beings. 

I’m enjoying rewatching Return of the Jedi to get ready for Episode IX and I’ve always enjoyed spotting this weird creature in Jabba’s palace, though I have to admit I’d never really spotted the face before, I though the tongue was actually the creature, some kind of leech. So many great creatures in that scene!