Vehicle of the week: Bestoon Legacy


Manufacturer: Subpro Corporation

Class: WTK-85A

Function: Transport

Affiliation: Acolytes of the Beyond


The Bestoon Legacy was the personal transport of Sith acolyte and assassin Ochi of Bestoon. He acquired the ship and heavily modified it, installing weapons systems, though he preferred to rely on speed and shielding and do his killing on the ground. The ship was of a sturdy design and was still in working order after Ochi died, leaving the ship abandoned in the desert for years. Rey took the ship to Kijimi after the Millenium  Falcon was captured by the First Order and realised this was the site of her parents murder. 

This has ended up being one of the most significant ships of the sequel trilogy. My understanding of the timeline makes me think that it must have belonged to Rey’s parents because she saw it in her vision and Ochi took the ship as his own after he murdered them but I haven’t seen this confirmed (or disproved) anywhere

Planet of the week: Pasaana


Region: Ombakond sector, Expansion Region

Terrain: Desert

Native population: Aki-Aki

Affiliation: Neutral

Pasaana is a remote world in the expansion region of the galaxy. Covered in desert it is populated by the Aki-Aki who use ingenuity to carve out resources from their harsh environment. Despite their meagre and arid existence the Aki-Aki are also known for their expressive dancing and colourful festivals that attract visitors from around the galaxy. 

The whole Pasaana sequence was the most Star Wars-y Star Wars since Return of the Jedi for me, From the aliens to the chase sequence to the hunt through the tunnels it was just pure magic space adventure and I’d love to see more like this in the future.

Droid of the week: D-O


Function: Unknown

Affiliation: Resistance, formerly Acolytes of the Beyond


D-O is a custom-built droid who fell into the hands of served Ochi of the Acolytes of the Beyond. Custom kit-built droids are common in the mid rim where access to reputable droid wholesalers is limited. D-O was mistreated by Ochi and left abandoned for years until reactivated by BB-8. While initially fearful due to his treatment in the past he was touched by the kindness of BB-8 and followed him and the Resistance on their journey. 

I couldn’t do droid of the week without getting to D-O. I thought they had enough cute droids but when they rolled the model out at Celebration I was instantly on board. I thought he was a fun little character who had just the right amount of screen time to add to the plot without taking away from the other major droid characters.



Species of the week: Kessurian

Designation: Sentient

Notable members: Wilsa Teshlo

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: The Rise of Skywalker

Kessurians are a striking humanoid race with a distinctive skin colour with facial skin patterns and montrals that give them keen senses. Kessurians were known in the galaxy as skilled dancers and some members visited other cultures such as the Aki-Aki to broaden their repetoir. They were ruled by a royal family but one of their royalty left to form a pirate gang that targeted the First Order

I think it’s a really cool connection when you see the same race in completely different contexts within the same movie. This was another great design and I won’t be surprised if we see them popping up all over the place in future content

Vehicle of the week: X-Hopper

Manufacturer: The Resistance

Class: Jungle X-Hopper

Function: Air skimmer

Affiliation: Resistance

X-Hoppers are custom made craft designed by the Resistance for their base in Ajan Kloss. Engineers obtained surplus T-65 X-Wing cockpits and added airfoils and repuldiea to turn them into custom vehicles for transport and air control on their base

I completely missed this craft on the base but I love the cobbled together design with Resistance ingenuity

Planet of the week: Ajan Kloss

Ajan Kloss

Region: Cademimu sector, Outer Rim Territories

Terrain: Jungle

Native population: Various fauna

Affiliation: Jedi, Resistance


Ajan Kloss was scouted by Alderaan in the early days of the Galactic Empire. It’s discovery was kept hidden as it’s remoteness and lack of a civilised population made it a potential base for the Rebellion. The site was never used but Leis revealed it to Luke and they used it to train as Jedi together until Leia chose to follow a different path after receiving a vision from the force. After the loss of their D’Qar base Leia moved Resistance operations to the planet and also helped Rey discover the path of the Jedi on their old training grounds. 

I thought Ajan Kloss was a cool site, not particularly original but I liked the hustle and bustle and lack of a command centre so it had a more rough and ready feel than D’Qar which was cool.

The ORIGINAL Knights of the Old Republic: Odan-Urr

Scholar of the Jedi Order, keeper of Sith secrets, might Jedi. This is the story of the great Odan-Urr

Odan-Urr was unusual even before he became a Jedi. His people, the Draethos, were fierce warriors but he shunned violence, preferring to study history.

Odan-Urr was apprenticed to Master Ooroo 5000 years before the battle of Yavin. He enjoyed the seclusion of their small academy on Ossus and preferred to spend his days amid ancient Jedi texts than wielding a lightsaber.

His master thought it prudent to send him into the galaxy and he worked under Memit Nadill to end the unification wars in the Empress Teta sector. Shortly after this time he had visions of the Sith returning from their exile.

Few believed him but he rallied a few systems and stopped the Sith incursion but at the cost of his master’s life. Before becoming one with the force Ooroo foretold that his apprentice would die at an old age surrounded by his beloved books.

After the defeat of the Sith Odan-Urr continued to seek knowledge and founded the Great Library of the force on Ossus and was one of a handful of Jedi trusted to study Sith holocrons.


It was this access to hidden knowledge that, centuries later, led to his death as prophesied by Master Ooroo. An arrogant and greedy Jedi name Exar Kun believed he was strong enough to access all knowledge and murdered Odan-Urr to gain access to a Sith Holocron. The Jedi Master died in despair as evil returned to the galaxy, yet he fell and became one with the force among his great library of Jedi knowledge, including his great work on the Jedi Code, a legacy to generations of future Jedi.

Odan-Urr Vis Dic

I chose to write about Odan-Urr because he was recently made canon by the Visual Dictionary for The Rise of Skywalker as a Jedi Master who annotated and added to the sacred Jedi Texts that are in Rey’s possession. Given his Legends history as a lore master it is very fitting that his work should be included in the sacred Jedi texts in canon.

Droid of the week: AD-4M


Function: Administrative

Affiliation: The Resistance


Aydee or ‘The Concierge’ was an adminmech droid who served the Resistance on their Ajan Kloss base. Tasked with data management, logistics and traffic control he was used to being in a control room but increasingly had to work in the open alongside Resistance crew members. The ground crew took to giving him requests for items found only on luxury hotels. Aydee attempted to update his programming to filter out sarcasm with mixed results. 

There’s something cool about this faceless droid with a gas-mask style mouth. I like that the boundaries are being pushed and there’s no 3-PO resemblance at all. I love the backstory of this hapless droid falling victim of the Resistance ground crew as they look for a way to relieve the tension of their fight

Species of the week: Cyclorrian

Designation: Sentient

Notable members: Vazzet Dipterz

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: The Rise of Skywalker

Cyclorrians are an insectoid species that live in swarms. Industrious brings their social structure meant that behaviours humans would find overbearing and rude were acceptable. While working together they were also individualistic with some members learning activities such as sabacc from other beings in the brief rest periods allowed. One swarm chose to support the ground crew of the Resistance on Ajan Kloss.

I have to say I missed these and most of the other background aliens in the Resistance but I’m really enjoying reading about them in the Visual Dictionary.

Vehicle of the week: Treadable

Manufacturer: Pasaana Kitha-Garra-du

Class: DN-25 Treadable

Function: Ground transport

Affiliation: Lando Calrissian

Treadables are lumbering ground transports manufactured by the Aki-Aki to traverse the changeable terrain of Pasaana. The transports are enveloped by two continuous tracks that can move in opposite directions for turning. The design distributes weight evenly keeping the vehicle safe on the shifting sands.

This design had such an old school feel that felt right at home in Star Wars – it was perfect as Lando’s temporary home.