Species of the week: The Trench


Designation: Sentient (diminished intellect)

Homeworld: Earth

Fandom: DC

Appearances: Aquaman


The Trench are one of the Kingdoms of Atlantis but they are by far the most changed by the cataclysm that sunk the great kingdom. Mutated by their descent into the deepest depths into feral creatures with sharp teeth and spiny fins. The other kingdoms of Atlantis would send prisoners to the Trench as a form of capital punishment. Despite their feral nature they recognised the Sceptre of Atlan and followed Aquaman when he wielded it. 

I really enjoyed Aquaman and loved how it embraced the completely bonkers underwater setting and just went for it without trying to ‘modernise’ it or make it more realistic. The Trench sequence was great fun!



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